Active Rehabilitation

Active Engagement Is Key!

Active Rehabilitation

Incorporating active care in to patient treatment plans not only increase the effectiveness of the treatments offered in office but it also provides a way for you to be equally invested in the recovery process. Unlike traditional approaches to pain relief where the burden almost solely falls on the physician to treat you, this model helps you feel empowered in your own health. What you do truly does make a difference!

Dr. Johnson believes it is a multifaceted approach to your health, combining Chiropractic Adjustments with Active Rehabilitation, that makes biggest difference in patient outcomes. Active Rehabilitation is designed to get you feeling better again and maintain the health you achieve. He utilizes  “Active Care”. Getting the patient actively involved in their Rehab, combined with chiropractic adjustments most often gets to the root of problem with conditions like: decreased mobility, poor circulation, bad lymphatic drainage, muscle trigger points, muscle spasms, adhesions, pain, decreased range of motion, decreased strength, decreased flexibility, decreased endurance, poor balance, decrease coordination, and bad posture.
We know you have a choice when choosing your Chiropractor, and we thank you for considering us! We have many tools in our toolbox and will use what ever is necessary for each patient to see maximum results from their care.

Active Rehabilitation may be what your missing! 

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Are you that person with chronic pain who says "I have tried everything and nothing works!" I can't tell you how many times I have heard this line! You need to experience Chiropractic for yourself. It quite literally may be the best-kept secret in health care.

Active Rehabilitation

You may not know it yet but active involvement in your care is one of the keys to your success! Here at Family Care, we make sure you have the tools to maintain your health.

Laser Therapy

Feeling drained by your pain, but afraid of surgery or needles? Now more than ever there are nonsurgical/noninvasive options for many of life's aches and pains.

Clinical Nutrition

We all, at times, find ourselves stuck when it comes to our health. Maybe its weight loss, maybe its headaches or an autoimmune disease. Whatever your health crisis is Clinical Nutrition may be the answer you have been looking for.

Passive Therapy

What? Passive Therapy means we get to take care of you! Most passive modalities are quite relaxing and therapeutic at the same time!

Massage Therapy

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Decompression Therapy

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