Clinical Nutrition

A Functional Medicine Approach

Clinical Nutrition

“The good physician treats the disease, the great physician treats the patient who has the disease”- Unknown  

  • Contrary to the advances in western medicine- diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune conditions and cancer are on the rise. Our society is suffering an epidemic of chronic illness.
  • Most physicians practice medicine from an acute care standpoint; treating trauma and illnesses of a short duration such as a broken limb or heart attack that require this type of urgent care. This approach lacks the foundation for proper prevention and treatment of chronic disease complexes. Individuality, genetic makeup and environmental factors are often overlooked for the “one size fits all” model.
  • Current research highlights the pitfalls in the way conventional doctors practice. With the use of pharmaceuticals treating symptoms rather than the patient we are seeing an overwhelming increase in adverse side effects. This has led to the prescription cascade where drugs are now prescribed to treat symptoms of other drugs rather than the patient’s underlying cause.

What is Functional Medicine?**

Functional Medicine looks past the symptoms to reach the underlying cause of disease, through a systematic approach where the doctor and patient work together as a team to achieve an optimal outcome. It is what “healthcare” was built on by redirecting the focus from the symptoms to the patient as a whole. Functional Medicine Doctors understand that every cell and organ system in the body have an integrative relationship and it takes and integrative approach to achieve optimal health. “Gone are the days were we can simply treat the symptoms of an illness, we must get back to the basics of biochemistry and physiology and treat the disease process were it starts!” – Dr. Justin Johnson DC

Doctor Johnson spends as much time as needed with his patients reviewing patient histories, physical examination, overall lifestyle, lab work and all other factors that may influence the disease process. Dr. Johnson will use all of this information to treat the patient how has the disease process supporting underlying factors that may be contributing to there disease process.

How is a Functional Medicine approach different?

  • Patient Centered Care: understands the link between patient, genetics, environment and that the disease process is multi faceted. Dr. Johnson, by listening to the patient, can learn the entire story and assemble the puzzle pieces to help them obtain optimal wellness, naturally!
  • Science based approach: staying current with research plays an integral part of practice for Dr. Johnson. An in-depth analysis of your nutritional, structural and psychosocial systems, along with the latest laboratory testing allows the him to help you achieve your health goals.
  • Treatments include: botanicals, nutritional supplements, chiropractic manipulation, detoxification programs, weight loss, and stress-management.

Clinical Nutrition may be the key to your health! 

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**During your visit for Clinical Nutrition Dr. Johnson will use a way of assessing a patient called Functional Medicine. Dr. Johnson is in no way implying he is a medical doctor. There are doctors from all backgrounds including but not limited to MD, ND, DO, DC, DOM, LAP that all use the term Functional Medicine. It is only used to denote the functional approached used to asses and treat the patient.